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SCHÖNER WOHNEN – Silik: Fairytale dreams in Silik’s enchanted ambiences



Silik: Fairytale dreams in Silik’s enchanted ambiences.


Romantic, luxurious, regal, Silik’s proposals for the bedroom donate insuperable moments of relax in cozy, appealing spaces.

Precious finishes with a timeless charm and original fabrics, combined harmoniously, to embellish beds and accessories from the new collections.


Soft shades and a refined taste for Vesta bed, characterized by an important upholstered headboard adorned with precious carvings in gold leaf: a homage to the timeless beauty of classical Greek art.

Solid wood frame, precious carvings and an exquisite Baroque style for Pandora double bed.

Silik – The luxurious elegance of capitonnè upholstery softens the important headboard in gold leaf.


A sinuous frame in gold leaf crowns the soft padding with capitonnè upholstery of the imposing headboard. For those who love Baroque style in its most refined expression, Silik conceived Aura, a unique piece characterized by its magnificence.

Should you need any further information or details, don’t hesitate to contact me.

PR Marble Studio
C.so Roma, 11
20811 – Cesano Maderno (MB) Italy
Phone 0039 0362 551455
Fax 0039 0362 650276

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